Figurative Painting


The portrait, this supreme discipline of painting, is the artist's special love – people have always been her central theme. She does not want to impress, amaze or surprise with her works. Rather, the paintings are an expression of a deep emotional touch that can and would like to take hold of the viewer with gentle fingers – as long as he or she allows it.

"...because there isn't a place that doesn't see you. You must change your life."
This is how Rainer Maria Rilke sums up the effect of a work of art on the viewer in a famous poem. One might think that the poet was standing in front of a portrait by Maria Rosina Lamp. Her portrayals of people are of a quiet intensity that immediately captivates; the straight, direct, open gaze of the portrayed – neither aggressively imposing nor soliciting sympathy – seems to penetrate to the bottom of the viewer's soul and to question his whole being: And who are you? (Katharina Tank)